Monday Motivation (by Jennifer)

Jens prompt cards.jpg

In the office today we are having a Monday Motivation, always slow to start again after the weekend. I have been busy today with planning for the interview prompt cards, thinking of questions and putting them into easy read.


We have also started to think about preparation for our launch event in October. Here I am studying the pictures of Middlefield Hospital and thinking how much of a focal point they will be, as they will really stand out when they are on the wall.

It also makes me think with myself having a Learning Disability what life would have been like living there and how much the views of people with a Learning Disability still haven’t changed from my own experiences.

It actually makes me quite sad to think that people were just locked away in an asylum, and that makes me even more determined in my job role to be their voice and have their story heard.

You’re not crazy just because you have a Learning Disability you just have a special brain that learns differently, we are unique and should be treated fairly and the same as everyone else.