Middlefield Hospital c.1910s

These photos are from a Minutes Book from Middlefield Hospital. They date from around the 1910s.

At this time, Middlefield was called the Midland Counties Institution.

Photos courtesy of Warwickshire County Records Office, with thanks to Rob Eyre and Amy Aylward.

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You might like to consider:

  • what the people are thinking or feeling in the photos

  • what their everyday lives are like

  • the story the photo is telling

  • how the photo makes you feel

A Group of Little Ones

In this photo we can see a woman in a nurse’s outfit surrounded by a group of young children (‘little ones’). There are both boys and girls in the group. They are all dressed smartly. They are sat in the grounds of what is probably Middlefield. They are of varying ages.

A Group of Little Ones.jpg