1956 Hampton Manor Article - "They are the Peter Pans of the 1950s"

This article uses historical terminology which some readers may find upsetting or offensive.

Recently we were loaned a folder full of press cuttings about Hampton Manor by the Trustees of Hampton Manor Homes.

One of the earliest articles is from August 19th 1956, from Birmingham-based newspaper, the Sunday Mercury.

It is titled “They are the Peter Pans of the 1950s - The Warwickshire manor house that is home for the forgotten few”.

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Moving to Hampton Manor (by Jennifer)

We are nearing the end of the Hidden Lives Remembered project and we are still discovering new things. We have recently discovered that some people travelled very long distances to live at Hampton Manor. Some even came from different countries. We have been gathering data on maps to show how far people travelled to Hampton Manor.

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Communication Blog (By Jennifer)

I have decided to do this Communication Blog about some of our service users here at SAtA and celebrities with disabilities, as I think that they are an inspiration to other people and they are showing that just because you have a disability, you are the same as everyone else and are able to work.

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Launch Event (by Jennifer)

On Wednesday 21st November 2018 we had our Hidden Lives Remembered Launch Event at the Knowle United Reformed Church. We chose to have it in their Church hall as some of the residents from Middlefield used to go here as part of a group, so we thought it would be great to hold it somewhere familiar to people and with a connection to Middlefield.

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