EASY READ: Talk at the MAC (By Jennifer)

out of shadows.png

Out of the Shadows is a book and photo display.

ld prison.png

It is about people with learning disabilities who get arrested and go to prison.

It made me think about my own life.

Not everyone is lucky and has support from their family.

locked away.png

People should only be locked away if they have done a really bad crime.

People should be given the support they need.

1 in 10 people in prisons have a learning disability.

If you have a learning disability it is hard to get onto classes that can get you out of prison quicker.

appropriate adult.png

An appropriate adult should be there if someone is being asked questions by the police.


Some people hide their disability in prison because they are scared of being bullied.


This should not happen.

We should be proud to be different.

Everyone is special in their own way.

autism prison.png

The National Autistic Society is trying to make prisons better for people with autism.

not er.png

People in prisons are given lots of difficult forms.

They are not given many things in Easy Read.

book not er.png

The project book was not in easy read.

This could make it difficult for people with learning disabilities to read.


The photo display was really good.

It had lots of good information.

I think you should go!