Memory Tree (Continued)

As part of the exhibition, we asked people to share their own memories and stories with us. Thanks to everybody who contributed!

Whilst doing a course around 1978, I visited Chelmsley Hospital and was shocked to find “patients” (as called at the time despite not necessarily having a health condition) chained to their beds. Many of…

…the residents were wandering aimlessly around the grounds, “controlled” by strong drugs. The most shocking thing was the staff when asked seemed to accept this was the right thing to do with question! Unfortunately doing similar research in the late 80’s, some similar practises still remained.

People living in institutions found it hard when they go out into the community. I do not think there is enough support. I was in…

Highcroft Hospital. I felt labelled when I came out. There isn’t enough understanding in our society. Kathy O’Bryan

Some of the men from Middlefield used to come to St Phillip’s Church in Dorridge. One man used to bring fruit each week and give it to the children at church.

I met John at Church at a service for people with learning disabilities. John loved being with other people and always loved his cakes! He had lived at Middlefield Hospital and now lived in…

…a flat nearby. He wanted to live by the sea and his Advocate supported him to do that. He was so happy that he was able to be where he wanted to be.

I bought lovely pram covers and matching pillowcases at the ‘Manor Shop’. They were so carefully made.

I remember visiting George and Harry at Grove Road and supporting them with their move to Bills Lane. They were the best of friends having met at Middlefield.