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We are doing a project about what it was like to live and work in Middlefield Hospital and Hampton Manor

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These were long-stay institutions where many people with learning disabilities in Solihull lived.

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Some people lived there a very long time.

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These places were separate from the community.

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There were good and bad things about living in a long-stay institution.

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In the 1980s, the Government decided that people with learning disabilities would be better off living in the community.

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Middlefield Hospital closed in 1992.

It has since been knocked down.

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Hampton Manor Homes closed in 2007.

It is now a luxury hotel.

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We want to record the stories of people who lived and worked in these places.

This is important to do now as many of them are getting old and some have passed away.


We are hoping for people with learning disabilities today to learn about their own histories and understand how people have been treated in the past.


At the end there will be an exhibition where we can show the public what we have learned and why it is important.